Unnikrishnan Nair, CEO AnyDay Fintech

I have known Mr Kapil Tandon closely since 2005, both at a personal level and in his role as an academic (since he also regularly teaches in well-known business schools.)

Mr Tandon’s long career in diverse roles such as a senior Corporate executive in reputed organisations plus his experiences  as an entrepreneur has equipped him abundantly as an educator when he took up teaching in management institutes.

He is able to draw upon his extensive corporate experience and  bring to life drab theory and jargon by connecting them with real life case studies and events, thereby enlivening the  classroom. This approach helps the young impressionable minds understand management concepts very clearly. It is a rare and very commendable ability because one often sees a pedantic approach to teaching management theories and concepts, often by people with little or no industry experience.

Adding to his charm, his easy going and amiable personality has helped him to seamlessly  bridge the generation gap with students who flock to his lectures!

At a personal level, he is an extremely warm, helpful and caring person with a very joyful and pragmatic approach to life. He is ever ready to help and mentor youngsters in their career or personal lives.  My fervent wish is that he continues to mentor, inspire and light up the paths of many more people, as he has been doing so generously and selflessly over the past so many years !

CEO, AnyDay Fintech Pvt. Ltd.