Prof Hemant Purandare, Dy Director Academics

I am very happy to learn that Prof. Kapil Tandon has embarked on this initiative of writing blogs for the benefit of his students and other young persons who want to improve their prospects in the corporate world and/or want to start a venture of their own.

With over four decades of experience in Entrepreneurship, Operations, Marketing and Business planning and strategy, Prof. Kapil Tandon brings rich experience to his multi-faceted perspectives. He brings the same richness and variety into his teaching and writing. It is this diverse and rich experience which makes his teaching practical and meaningful. His passion and commitment to contributing to the knowledge and growth of students make him a “knowledge worker with a mission.”

I am confident that his latest ‘project’ as a blogger will provide an insightful read for those interested in learning through live examples. I look forward to reading his blogs and wish him all the very best..

Dy Director Academics, IBS-MUMBA