Laxmi Todiwan, Founder of Indian Women in Hospitality

I have known Mr. Kapil Tandon for over a decade now and I can say that he is one of the most vivacious and enthusiastic business consulting professionals I know. He effortlessly puts everyone at ease the moment he enters the room. He is diligent and has strong communication skills, which are very useful in his business consulting career. Mr. Tandon’s professional and refined approach make his work much more valuable to clients and he also has a great way of keeping every one updated on the latest trends.

Demonstrating skill and knowledge in every aspect of business operations; his research and information gathering skills are incredible. He takes charge with confidence which makes him a winner all the way!

With his knowledge and expertise gained over the years, he is great at mentoring and coaching students or professionals alike. He always brings out the best in each and every one of them in terms job performance!

I had suggested to him many years ago about blogging or writing a book covering his experience and consulting knowledge; as I believed that his vast experience will benefit many! I am so happy to see him finally embarking on this journey demonstrating a great growth mindset. I wish him the very best!

Founder- Indian Women in Hospitality.
Professor, Corporate Trainer