Kekin Savla, Student

Mr Kapil Tandon is one of those calm yet influential person I have had the good fortune of meeting. He was not only a professor but also a mentor to me. The positive attitude that he carries along with the smiling face has had a serious impact over me. As his student, I learned the subjects of Project Management, Corporate Strategy and business ethics in 2015. I vividly remember his lectures since it was more of a fervent group discussion! All the learning was mixed with fun.  These difficult topics were researched and discussed with us as we were equally scholarly as him.

He helped me enter the Supply Chain corporate world. I only met the elementary requirements for the job, but his knowledge with respect to different facets of the Supply Chain and the map he laid out for me to navigate my career has helped me streamline and focus diligently on my growth. He is one of those who I can still call up and discuss when I need his advice. He is truly a guiding angel for me!