Jay Bhayana, Student

If there is any person whom I admire is Mr Kapil Tandon. A mentor and a friend, Mr Tandon’s passion towards teaching and the sea of knowledge that he carries every time he enters the classroom is worth the experience. I must say that I feel very lucky that I have been a part of this journey with him.

Running his own business for 14 years and working in the corporate world for 40 years, the practical experiences that he shares actually can save you a lot of money when you do your own business.

I was working on some project trying to raise some capital but didn’t want to do debt funding. I approached sir and believe me he gave me such wonderful advice on how to take unsecured loans and raise equity instead of debt and due to that, I managed to raise funding and handle my finances very easily.

There have been no class in the past two years where I have not seen him smiling. No matter how big the problem is, Mr Tandon will be there with a solution with a calm mind and a smiling face. In business terms, I would say that is his USP!

A quick note: If you pay attention to his lectures, you might actually find a great business idea worth some big money.