Diksha Dhandhania, Content Strategist

I’ve known Kapil Sir for almost 3 years now but it feels like I’ve known him for ages. I’ve never come across a man who is so passionate about what he teaches, and not only that, he preaches whatever he teaches! Every conversation with him has taught me an invaluable lesson.

Teaching styles vary from teacher to teacher. However, with Sir, the normal parameters of this craft don’t apply. He doesn’t care about marks or deadlines, he prefers the quality of work and provides each student with the leverage they need to truly shine to their full potential. Every lecture has made me critically assess the concepts in marketing & management. He pushes boundaries while he teaches. He draws parallels from his life and presents stories that connect to me beyond the surface understanding.

If Business was a religion, he would be the most respected Priest!

Content Strategist, Confluence-r