A R Yoagandran, MD, Kuviyam Mediaworks

The spark to become an entrepreneur ignited while I was a student, completing my Post Graduation at Whistling Woods International.

Lucky for us, we had Prof. Kapil Tandon as a teacher for the subject of “Entrepreneurial Studies.” I was a typical last bencher and was mischievous during the lectures initially. But I started listening (accidentally!) to his class one day and was inspired! I approached him after the lecture with my own ideas. At that moment, he clearly explained to me the flaws in the plans and the issues that can crop up in the future.  He recommended that I make a proper business plan and provided me with a lot of tips. In fact, he is the first person to guide me to become an entrepreneur.

Prof. Tandon’s enthusiasm for encouraging the youth with his experience is admirable. He inculcates the right knowledge when educating aspiring business students since he has a vast experience as a businessman himself.

It has been a long time since I graduated and I know that by now Prof. Tandon must have inspired a lot more youngsters like me. I hope that he continues his noble work. I feel proud to say that I’m his student and he has inspired me to become a first generation entrepreneur.  

A R Yoagandran, 
Managing Director, Kuviyam Mediaworks