The 7 Cs of Success by Brian Tracy

Every week I try to write a new kind of post. Sometimes I want to elaborate on a concept that I have been thinking about. Sometimes I share a moving story with an important moral. Sometimes, like today, I come across a few motivational speakers and their work, and I am eager to share it with my readers. I want the young people who follow this blog to see this space as a source of motivation too!

You may have heard of Brian Tracy. He is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and self-development author.  He is most famous for his book “Eat that Frog!” and the “The Psychology of Selling” and many more.

In this short formula for “success”, Brian Tracy puts forward the traits an entrepreneur needs to develop to become a millionaire. But as you will read, you will realise that these are life values applicable to anyone who has a goal in mind.

7 C’s to Success with Brian Tracy

1. Clarity

If you can make other people understand your role in the organisation or business in 5 sentences that certainly means you have Clarity!

2. Competence

If you are aiming to be in the category of the top 10% in your field, you need to bring out your best in the areas of knowledge, judgment & efficiency.

3. Concentration

If you can continuously focus on one area of your task & be able to complete it from start to finish that means you have immense power to Concentrate.

4. Constraints

We all have constraints & weak thread which stops us from reaching our destination. Identifying, locating that bottleneck & plucking out will assure you of success.

5. Continuous learning

To earn, you need to learn. Keep learning all the time.

6. Commitment

Dedicated to quality, customers, society. The best of the employers and employees simply go about doing the right thing lifelong.

7. Courage

Courage to begin, persist with the obstacles, never give up at any cost to succeed in the end.

I found the one-hour lecture where Brian Tracy himself has expounded on the topic! He is funny and charming throughout the video! I hope you find value in his words.

Let me know in the comments: Which “C” is your strength?

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