What makes you a great leader? #GreatMinds

As we all know – leadership involves getting things done through people. Leadership is all about helping, encouraging, inspiring, and nurturing members of an organization and teams to give their best to accomplish organizational goals. It is the quality of the top leadership that sets the tone for how effectively and efficiently a corporate entity is being managed or navigated. Leadership comprises influencing members of an enterprise to endeavour willingly to achieve group objectives. Leadership has three dimensions, namely, the leader, the follower, and the situation. All leaders need robust personality attributes like vision, self-belief, integrity, courage and result focussed approach to function. These, however, must be accompanied by external qualities like communication skills, teamwork, attentiveness, commitment, and visibility.

Here’s what Tom Peters, an American writer on business management practices, has to say:


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In this ongoing series #GreatMinds on my blog, I am shining a spotlight on the important ideas that some very successful people keep talking about in their public life.

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