Do You have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Your performance depends, to a large extent, upon your mindset – if you think you can do it, you will be able to do it. All aspiring young entrepreneurs require a mindset that is different from the mindset of a typical employee working in a corporate job. It is all related to one’s thinking and attitude!

If an employee is happy with his/her job content, able to earn an above-average salary every month and still able to save some money for the future – they will generally be considered satisfied with their career prospects. That is an employee’s comfort zone. However, this is not the case with an entrepreneur! An entrepreneur will love to operate with more and more degrees of freedom rather than looking for any kind of security or zone of comfort. An entrepreneur should find their comfort zone in being uncomfortable – chasing opportunities, doing innovations, and striving to create value for their customers and other stakeholders.

The concept of entrepreneurship caught momentum during the mid-1990s with the success of Microsoft and Apple — both companies were started on a small scale and grew into the largest enterprises in the world. 

The mention of an entrepreneur usually makes one think of a “technopreneur“. Whereas the most prominent and successful entrepreneurs have emerged from the IT sector, it is not that entrepreneurial opportunities do not exist in other domains. So many successful entrepreneurs have originated from manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other industries too!

There are certain universal traits in all the entrepreneurs. These have been listed below:

Entrepreneurs are strong-willed individuals who have high resilience, meaning — they are not easily discouraged from what they want to accomplish. They exhibit a never-say-die attitude.

Good entrepreneurs are effective and quick decision-makers. They very well understand that there is no result unless you make a fast decision. Once the decision is taken, they follow it up with a prompt action to implement that decision.

Good entrepreneurs always take responsibility for their decisions, actions, and outcomes. They do not blame other persons (or circumstances) for their failures and/or wrong actions. They seldom react – instead, they give a proactive response.

Entrepreneurs believe in intelligent risk-taking. They take calculated risks that will pan out in the long run.

Entrepreneurs are not afraid of failures – they hold the attitude, “I did not fail, my project failed.” Failures are their learning opportunities and stepping stones to success.

Entrepreneurs often operate outside their comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs possess a visionary mindset that allows an individual to see the value of a business idea before and ahead of other individuals.

Entrepreneurs demonstrate mental ability, agility, quick thinking, flexibility, tenacity, and a sense of productivity. 

Entrepreneurs possess excellent problem-solving skills, and this provides them with a feeling of personal enhancement.

Entrepreneurs have an adaptive attitude and are open to learning new things – they have an enthusiastic attitude towards learning. Entrepreneurs will not mind learning even from their competitors.

Entrepreneurs are open to embracing new technologies, love research and experimentation to create new and innovative offerings for their markets.

Let me end the blog-post with the motivational words of Jack Ma Yun, who is a Chinese business magnate, investor and the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group:

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