My book is on its way!

Many of my readers already know that I have been striving hard to publish my first book.

The first draft of the book is complete! I found a publisher too! They are a great addition to this journey.

The book is based on “Entrepreneurship.” I have tried to create a guide for young entrepreneurs who can benefit from my knowledge and experience in this field. I have taken care to add every aspect related to this business that might be useful for dreamers — from ideation to execution. The book also includes advice related to things as normal as daily business operations; and as complex as creating and sustaining profits, and generating wealth.

Before diving into the launch of the book, I decided to give a preview of the book to a select group of people. I wanted to see their reactions and feedback on the contents of the book! I got an overwhelming response from several readers. They were appreciative of my ambition with the book and generally liked the concept and structure of the book. Many also came forward with brilliant suggestions for some chapters to enhance the impact of the text. Like, they wanted more anecdotes and real-life examples to explain a particular theoretical statement.

With enthusiasm, I have begun to incorporate the various recommendations that I received. Once this is done, a formal editing process will begin. I am told this takes a lot of time, and naturally so!

Keeping all these times in mind, I expect the book to take a few more weeks to hit the shelves. So, stay tuned for further updates!

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