Offering value to customers #GreatMinds

Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is a well-defined and persuasive marketing statement related to a specific product or service that details the reasons why a consumer would benefit from purchasing it. A business will typically use a customer value proposition as part of its marketing strategy to consumers, rather than using it internally among staff, suppliers, or distributors. A value proposition is a solution to your customer’s problem: “I am a customer, I walk in with a problem, I walk out with a solution.” The solution then is not your product or service, but the solution your product or service provides – the result, the value given to the customer.

Here’s what Don Peppers, an American author and founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, a customer-centric management consulting firm, has to say:


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In this ongoing series #GreatMinds on my blog, I am shining a spotlight on the important ideas that some very successful people keep talking about in their public life.

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