Zero focus, Zero Success #GreatMinds

Without concentration and focus – you cannot even think clearly and meaningfully. Proper focus enables you to be more productive and helps you achieve success much quicker. The right focus ensures that you achieve your goals quickly. When you are 100% focused, it also gives you a better sense of direction and you make better choices. Here are a few suggestions to increase your concentration and focus: be effective at work by keeping your priorities always updated; doing one thing at a time; leading a simple de-cluttered life; doing an audit of your past – both good and bad actions; and most importantly – doing what you love.

Here’s what Robert J Shiller, an American economist, academic, and best-selling author, has to say:


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In this ongoing series #GreatMinds on my blog, I am shining a spotlight on the important ideas that some very successful people keep talking about in their public life.

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