Celebrating Doctors’ Day!

Happy Doctors’ Day!

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) celebrates 1st July as the National Doctors’ Day every year – as our dedication and gratitude to all the doctors and healthcare functionaries who have been serving the people by risking their lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again reminded us about the contributions and sacrifices made by doctors and healthcare workers around the globe.

On this special day, I approached many readers of my blog to express their feelings about the professional assistance and support, they have been receiving from their family doctors, health consultants, surgeons, and other persons from the larger health care fraternity. 

I am extremely glad to state here that the response has been overwhelming. People coming from different walks of life and age groups – young students, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, senior citizens, ailing patients, housewives, traders, and others – they all have unanimously applauded the role and function of doctors in keeping our society in good health.

I am individually inviting all the following contributors to join me in extending our deep sense of gratitude to all the doctors who go out of the way and at times put their own lives in jeopardy to save lives of our dear ones and to restore them back to normal health.

I am blessed and privileged to be a doctor’s wife. My husband is a medical specialist in the Indian Navy and I am really proud of it. Though sometimes it becomes very tough, as his job demands him to be on his toes always. However, I must say that despite his busy schedule, he manages to take out time for his family, especially our kids. I always try to support him as I realise that supporting him means indirectly helping those in need of medical help. My kids and I have never complained. Infact we are very proud of him and we love him! ~Aanchal Kacker

“I would like to mention Dr. Shailaja R Karve; Gynaecologist who took care of me during my pregnancies, Dr. Divya Khanna my dentist and Dr. Mahesh Maheshwari. I had a ligament tear 4 years ago and was advised surgery. I went for a second opinion to Dr. Maheshwari, Orthopaedic surgeon based at Navi Mumbai. He examined me and said that I didn’t need a surgery. I held his hands and thanked him, tears in my eyes. I believe that one must allow the body to heal on its own, if that doesn’t work then surgery can be the last resort. He wrote his prescription and showed me 3 exercises to do and asked me to see him in 10 days. I religiously followed that; going to office wearing a hinged knee cap and taking the support of a walking stick. I was fit and fine within a year. My gratitude to these heroes!” ~Laxmi Todiwan

“My mother is a nurse, so I have always heard from her about how doctors, nurses and other medical staff work selflessly whenever there is any difficult situation and one great example can be seen during this pandemic. I have always felt a great respect and admiration towards them.” ~ Sonali Khaire, Executive

“Medicines cure diseases, doctors cure people, also they have a big responsibility to bring smiles on the faces of suffering humanity, being someone’s hope and someone’s hero. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the doctors working on the frontline like warriors trying to protect us and our world✨” ~ Shruti Singh, Student

Born in a family full of doctors, I have always taken them for granted. But the world as it is now makes me realise how lucky & fortunate I am. My heart fills with immense gratitude for all health practitioners and workers. Through this pandemic, you all have not only taken care but have given the world a chance at living life. Thank you so very much! ~ Laili Dutta, HOD – SMC, Whistling Woods International

“Since I belong to a family of doctors and medical professionals, I have seen them working relentlessly and voluntarily without any self-imposed constraitnts. Salute to their will-power, persistence and spirit!” ~Aniket Joshi, Executive with Reliance Infrastructure

“This Doctor’s Day, the least we can do is to acknowledge our Braveheart Doctors. Doctors who have sacrificed their lives in the line of defense against the deadly Corona virus. While we all were learning new things, taking new courses, learning an instrument or a new language, a few people were risking their lives to save people like you and me. They are our real heroes: our doctors who stood on the frontline and saved millions of lives. So let’s take a moment out of our busy schedule and thank them with all our heart and appreciate their humongous contribution in this pandemic.” ~Mudit Wadhwa, Student

“Doctor is a very important word and has a deep meaning in our lives. They have always helped us whenever we needed them, even at odd hours. A word from them makes us feel that we are fine. I wish to express my gratitude to them and thank them from the core of my heart.” ~Shobha Mathur, Homemaker.

“There is possibly no better instance to commend the spirit of doctors than the ongoing pandemic. It’s admirable how doctors have no reluctance in putting themselves at risk to fight the deadly disease and save every single life they can.” ~Radhit Arora, Student

“Doctors, for me, are the human version of Gods. They have always been our saviours. This time during the pandemic they have sacrificed their own lives for people they don’t even know. They deserve all our love and respect.” ~ Tanya Gupta, Student

“I emanate my best wishes to all doctors, creating a new horizon in human history during this pandemic which has been a hard nut to crack. Their patience, preserverance and diligence has proven that they are the real heroes. Let us all salute them on National Doctors’ Day!” ~Neetu Kapoor, Author

“Only a doctor is endowed with the magical abilities to treat our lives, restore our health and be there for us when we have lost all hopes.” ~ Vandan Atha, Student

“Doctors are the flag bearer of hope, who hold our hands during the most difficult times. Their presence brings us not only hope but is also the beginning of cure! HAPPY DOCTORS’ DAY! 🙏” ~Milind and Deepa Dedhia, Entrepreneurs

“In my family, we have a simple saying that ‘A Doctor is God Personified’. In this online age where we have every medical info at our fingertips, we still prefer to keep our trust in Doctors. That’s the impact Doctors have on our lives. Today being Doctor’s day, I’d really like to thank all the doctors and healthcare professionals who have been battling this pandemic right since day 1. God Bless you all 🙂” ~Matts and Mayuri Fernandas, Consultants

“Doctors are a more permanent feature in my life than even friends or work. Hence, it becomes even more important for me to acknowledge the effort that goes into their work – one that we have seen time and again at display during the pandemic. I am thankful for the kind doctors I have come across in my life, who believed in healing with a smile, and dealt with my constant questioning with patience and interest. It’s a tribe of people I hope everyone finds when they require. Here’s offering my regards and well wishes to doctors; and a hope for empathy towards their job.” ~ Utkarsha Kotian, Faculty at Whistling Woods International

“Well, a doctor is actually a life saver. Multiple instances I remember when doctors have been available throughout the day and night. The real vouch of a life saver and being available always!! If they were no doctors we wouldn’t be there. The control of the current pandemic situation is also with the efforts of Doctors and medical staff. Hats off to them!” ~Kekin Savla, Executive

“Looking at doctors I always feel 2 things: Proud about their unsung battles everyday and Inspired about their dedication towards their profession. One of the most Noble profession indeed! I express my gratitude to them for always being there and helping us no matter what!” ~Pradnya Sawant, Executive

“When my grandfather fell severely ill, tensions in our house ran high. However, under the care of doctors, grandpa was safer and it helped ease our minds too. Now that grandpa is back home, I feel grateful to all the doctors who nursed him back to health. I realise how important doctors are in keeping our families intact.” ~Pavni Khanna, Young Student

“Grateful to my family doctor for always working relentlessly and leaving no stone unturned to restore us back to normal health every time we had an ailment.” ~Nidhi Chauhan, Student

“Today the nation is paying homage to all medical professionals on the Doctors’ day. We admire this noble profession that serves mankind selflessly. Doctors have played a vital role to fight against the present pandemic by working throughout the day and night in service of mankind. Being parents of a doctor, we feel proud and overwhelmed when our son is given respect for his dedication to his profession. It is very heartening to live those moments when people consult our son and get benefited. We are proud of havng a doctor in our family. A big salute to all Doctors!” ~ Anita and Ajay Kacker, Retired.

“Wishing Dr. Shishir Shetty a very Happy Doctors’ day! Your treatment and care has made a huge difference on our family lives!” ~Shirish Bokde, Professor.

“I feel nothing but immense gratitude towards our doctors for putting others before self and family. May God bless them with more strength and power.” ~Abhishek and Shraddha Pawar, Bankers.

“On this occasion of Doctors; day, I express my gratitude to all the doctors for serving and treating us with happiness.” ~Zarna Patil, Executive

“For every ailment I have had, some doctor has been kind enough to pull me out of it!” ~Diksha Dhandhania, Student

“As the world has been dealing with a pandemic for the past 1.5 years, we can never forget the contributions of our medical professionals. On Doctors’ day, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the doctors, physicians, and health-care professionals for their unwavering dedication and hard work throughout this extraordinary period. I salute and applaud their courage and selflessness in helping the society. They’ve emerged as heroes who risked their own lives to serve us. We owe a debt of gratitude to every doctor and health practitioner!” – Shikha Sinha, Student

“Doctors are like the antibodies that protect us from various diseases, they are like  the dam that protects us from the vicious flood of viruses and infections. On the occasion of National Doctors’ day, we thank our beloved doctors for all the restless support and help they provided us in fighting the Covid -19 Virus.” ~Abhigyan Rakesh, Student

Dear Doctors,
On this Doctors’ Day, we celebrate your dedication and hard work that is saving millions of lives, especially in the time of this global pandemic. As they say, medicines cure diseases, Doctors cure patients! A heartfelt thank-you for being part of our journey in life with your selfless service!

~Jyothi & Unnikrishnan Nair, Consultants

“Doctors are angels of God. The service they render to mankind is remarkable and we remain indebted to them forever. The concept of family doctor in earlier days was so very true as they are part of family and they look into the overall wellbeing of one and all! 🌷” ~The Thakkar Family

Sunil Thakkar, Entrepreneur
Niyati Thakkar, Architect
Falguni Thakkar, Advocate
Saloni Thakkar, Solicitor

The four daughters— Radha, Anuradha, Viraj, and Ankur— with their parents Rajni and Raja Mohan.

“While all occupations deliver as per their commitment and timelines, doctors are the only one who go over and above their job duties to serve the mankind… Doctors:”The real life savers”. Our beautiful family has witnessed the same in recent times when our loving father got hospitalized and we almost lost him. The very thought of hospitalization was scary and traumatizing. However, the caring and selfless doctors who served us made it friendly and pleasing experience. They revived our father and brought him back to us. Today on doctor’s day, we express our deepest gratitude to the doctors and the entire medical fraternity for their relentless efforts and selfless service. Thank you doctors! Please continue to be our God disguised as humans” ~Radha, Anuradha, Viraj and Ankur.


  1. Inspiring thoughts,Love doctors,nurses and other medical staff.God bless them.Thanks to Mr.KapilTandon.


    • Ma’am …..It is an honour for me to get a positive feedback from you for my efforts. Please continue to engage with my blog. My website is
      I shall also send direct links to you as and when I publish something of interest to you. Kind regards.


  2. It was a wonderful feeling going through the article. Doctors and medical staff truly deserve a big applause from all of us. Thank you Sir for raising awareness regarding doctors contribution to the society.


  3. Nice blog. Views of different people is interesting. Versions of all indifferent fashion tending to same views. Fine collection.

    Regards Ajay


    • Thank you dear Ajay gor your lovely words coupled with good feelings and emotion. I am great admirer of your untiring spirits of engaging whole-heartedly in something you like or love. Best regards,


  4. This is such a heartwarming post. Loved reading it very much! Please continue this endeavour, Kapil sir!


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