Striking a balance

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Last week, I gave a mathematical equation that elaborated on a holistic approach to live life meaningfully and in a fulfilling way. In that post, I deliberately avoided talking about “success”. 

Today I want to talk about success – what should be the meaning of success to us and to what extent we should sacrifice our other interests and priorities that make us happy in life.

We have discussed the recipe for success previously in this blog. You can review the various ingredients for success in the table on the right.

Let me be clear: I am not trying to define success for you.

I wish to draw your attention to certain aspects of your life which will change the meaning of success for you. It will magnify the way you enjoy your success.   

Success Ingredients

  • Dedication, Hard work, Sincerity
  • Homework and Preparation
  • Learning from your mistakes/failures
  • Learning from others’ experiences
  • Finding your passion
  • Sticking to your commitments
  • Empathizing and helping others
  • Having a good education
  • Developing life-long learning orientation
  • Managing your finances effectively
  • Effective Time Management
  • Managing Knowledge, Technology
  • Managing Relationships, Networking
  • Surrounding yourself with people having positive attitudes
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 
  • Leaving your comfort zone to chase success.
  • Remember Success comes before work only in the dictionary!

Let me reproduce here a quote from Phil Knight, the CEO of Nike Inc.:

“There is an immutable conflict at work in life and business, a constant battle between peace and chaos. Neither can be mastered, but both can be influenced. How you go about that is the key to success.”

Phil Knight

Balancing your life, health, happiness, and success makes life sweeter.

Let us pause to think about what Knight has said. If a person believes that their job will lead them to success, then they may spend countless hours per day, and be engrossed with work well into the evening. However, this comes at the cost of their rest, their health and truly living an enjoyable life. Ultimately, they may burn out and cease to be successful at their job anyway. 

In contrast, if they believe that success is derived from a strong social life with a good group of friends, they may overlook their duties and their work may suffer. They may lose their job, and eventually, they may be unable to afford going out with friends. In these ways, success, as Knight points out, is helped by balance. Think of it as a balance between work and play.  

The balancing act


Love what you do till you discover what you love doing. Having discovered that – do only what you love – stick on and never detach. When you work on what you love – work is like joy and fun. Always strive for the best in whatever you do or plan to do.

Creative Ideas

Do not be afraid of introducing new ideas. If you have a new idea – cage it. Do not throw it away because it is new and different; instead, celebrate it. Your strange new idea might one day be the one that leads you to success.


Be a Person of Action. Train yourself in performing and acting – rather than analysing and thinking (what we call analysis paralysis). In this world, there is no perfect time to start a business or a project – you must act and solve problems. Remember that action defeats all apprehensions and fears. 


Build Relationships – Get along with People. It is always a good idea to cultivate good relationships. You can never tell who will prove to become someone who will be able to help you in a big way or even be a good and supportive friend. As such, help people and they may help you; and be good to people, and they may be good for you.

Work & Wealth

Your salary and job title are important as they provide you with wealth and monetary satisfaction. Remember to not let it over-power you. 


Your physical and mental health both are very important for your success. A sick body or mind cannot achieve any success.

Emotional well-being

Find adequate free time for yourself and your family so that you can spend quality time with your family and friends.


Devote time for spiritual wellness to seek meaning and purpose in life. It can be achieved in a variety of ways including organized religion, prayer, meditation, yoga, as well as a careful assessment of your morals, values, and beliefs.

On a personal note, I also try to imbibe these habits in my life. Writing this blog is one of my passions, and I am chasing creative ideas every week and bringing them to life with a discipline. There is an emotional pay-off too, since readers and well-wishers send their love after reading my posts. I have a well-managed schedule between my lectures, my yoga classes, my time with my grand-children, and these creative endeavours. I feel blessed to have found this balance.

Do you already follow some of these habits? Let us know what aspects are you striving for to strike the necessary balance in your life in the comments below!


  1. What a lovely write sir..You have always been an excellent educator who knew exactly how to illuminate a soul with its own light. My Sunday reads are accomplished.


  2. In pursuit of passion we often fail to put enough focus on important things like our personal life and relationships. Ending up taking them for granted. For people like me who starting with their career this is a very helpful piece of writing.!!!


  3. Very important topic written beautifully.Work always continues to be the central part of our lives but the happiness from friends and family etc. neutralises the unhappiness at work.


  4. This post has definitely made a strike.

    The ingredients to the recipe of Striking a Balance is worth noting down. While going through those ingredients, I kept checking my ingredients list and guess what? I found a few of the ingredients that were missing in my recipe.

    Striking a blanace is a process and I, for sure, am going to implement the points you have mentioned. May be slowly but constantly for sure.

    Thanks a lot Sir, for sharing it with us.


  5. Love what you do till you discover what you love doing. A perfect one liner for me . Thank u Kapil Sir for inspiring us to strike the balance in our lives too


    • Good that you got your one-liner from the post. These one-liners have a lot of power and bring a much desired change in a person. Personally, I am a great believer of one liners….


  6. Sir this is also a good blog just like the previous one giving insights about the life and success and how to develop the balance in your life.Sir Thank You so much for giving such insights.


  7. An excellent and thoughtful read… Striking a balance specially the work life is not a myth n is all developed n cultivated by own self… Hope to act in your words Kapil Sir


    • Excellent…..I am so happy to get this thoughtful comment from a young, and intelligent friend of mine. Thank you Vishal for your lovely words. Please read more posts and let me benefit from your meaningful feedback….Kind regards….


  8. In today’s fast paced, tech driven world, most people tend to get a little overwhelmed with work and they often find it difficult to strike a work- life balance. Kapil Sir has yet again provided a nice framework – a 3×3 grid that helps define the various aspects that one can keep in mind to strike a balance in life ! I’m sure that if everyone uses this approach and devotes some time to each of these aspects, they are bound to find a far more balanced approach in life !!! Very informative and thought provoking article ! Warm regards, Unni


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