The Math of Life

H&H = f (FM, SH, AS, E, BH, MCU, RS, PMA, R&R, RWSL, K)

The above equation is a mathematical expression. To me, this simple formula embodies the secret of health and happiness in your life. In this blog, I do not want to comment on the idea of “success” but I want to share my counsel on how to be healthy and happy. If you think about it, when you are healthy and happy, success follows organically!

The formula can be read as “H & H (Health and Happiness) is a function of FM, SH, AS, E, BH, MCU, RS, PMA, R&R, RWSL and K.” The meaning of all these symbols and acronyms have been explained hereunder.

H&H – Health and Happiness

Only a healthy and happy body can achieve success. Your health and wellbeing are most important – all else is secondary. Considering the importance of health and happiness in human life and any type of success – I am dedicating this post to all my young readers. This post comprises several prescriptions, suggestions, and tips to keep active, healthy, and happy.

FM – Eat food like your medicine so that you never take your medicines as your food.

Include as many fresh fruits and vegetables of different colours into your diet as possible. Go for proteins like poultry, fish, tofu, beans, and whole grains. Avoid overeating. Snack on fruits, vegetables, and nuts as and when you require – particularly mid-mornings and late afternoons.

Stay away or minimize processed foods that contain artificial sweeteners or colours, hidden sugars or excessive fats.

Never skip your breakfast. A healthy breakfast in the morning is a very good habit as it sets you up so that you have energy and fuel for optimal mental and physical performance. Eating breakfast helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels and healthy weight because you are less likely to overindulge later in the day.

SH – Stay Hydrated.

Start your day with about a litre of water on an empty stomach. After fasting all night, this will provide you with much-needed hydration. Keep a water bottle with you all day, this will remind you to drink water. Monitor your water intake and make sure that you consume about 10 glasses of water every day. Drink water while sitting and sip it slowly. Consider drinking warm water against cold water – it has its benefits.  

AS – Get adequate sleep.

Sleep is an important part of health and if you do not get enough of it, it can negatively impact your energy levels and motivation in several ways. Make sure you give adequate priority to your sleep and keep a consistent bedtime routine with your busy lifestyle to maintain good health and reach your goals. Seek suggestions from your family physician in case you require help.

E – Exercise, Walk, and Yoga. 

You must give 45 minutes to 60 minutes daily to your body – doing yoga, exercise, morning walk, gym, or any other form of activity or workouts which fits well into your scheme of things. Regular morning walk, exercise, and yoga can help you boost your energy levels, improve your sleep and overall well-being. Also, try to include meditation and pranayama in your exercise regimen. You can resort to biking, swimming, or any other sustainable habit you enjoy. As far as possible avoid the use of lift or escalators – instead, opt for climbing through stairs. Prefer walking to standing, standing to sitting, and sitting to lying down. These are good tips for cutting down on calories.

BH – Get rid of your bad habits. 

Stay away from smoking, drugs, and other unhealthy addictions. Some habits are not so bad but can easily become a problem if taken too far. These include alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and junk food. These things in moderation or on a “once-in-a-while” basis are OK but then remember – an excess of everything is bad. 

MCU – Get regular medical check-ups. 

Do visit your family doctor for the annual check-up to make sure everything is normal. It is always advisable to have health insurance cover. Get health check-ups regularly even if you are healthy so that if something is abnormal, you know about it and can act, in consultation with your doctor.

RS – Reduce Your Stress.

Stress can be a cause for several problems – from heart trouble to digestive problems. Exercise, meditation, doing what you love, appropriate boundaries, spirituality, being in nature, and enjoyable hobbies all help alleviate the harmful effects of stress on the body. Do not overwork. Take breaks (vacations, mini-vacations, days off) and surround yourself with people who support you. Unexpressed feelings can lead to depression, sleep problems, eating disorders, and even physical pain. Learn to talk about your feelings, or express them through some sort of art. Stroll through gardens or visit places of natural beauty, and listen to a variety of good music to experience a better quality of relaxation. Participate and be an audience/spectator of various sports, cultural programs, and live shows. Develop a taste for good art and paintings – enjoy both man-made and God-made colours!

PMA – Attitude towards family, friends, and all others.

Your happiness and well-being to a great extent will depend upon your attitudes towards everyone around you. You should stay positive and motivated all the times and should be spreading positivity through your positive mental attitude (PMA). Surround yourself with such friends and persons who have a constructive and positive impact on you.  

Cut those from your circle of influence, who possess a negative mental attitude (NMA) and/or not supportive in furthering your initiatives. Do not keep friends and associates who do not add value to your eco-system. Depending upon your situation – build your ecosystem and socialize to the extent possible.

R&R – Do not react; give your structured response. 

Do not react to various situations; instead, give your structured response. I can give an example. If you are apprehensive that it may rain today – do not curse the rain God (reaction), rather pack your umbrella before you go out (response).

RWSL – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

All young boys and girls must Invest at least 40 to 60 minutes of their precious time every day (for 5 to 6 days a week) in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to something relevant yet interesting to them. It may be like listening to a favourite speech, talking to an individual or delivering a short talk to a group, reading some fiction or self-help book, or writing a blog – virtually anything of interest to them.  

K– Demonstrate pure acts of Kindness. 

Do not bargain with small vendors, donate generously whatever you can – money, energy, service, time, or even a genuine smile. Be kind to pets. Try to make this world a little better with your efforts! 

I hope that reading this post will inspire you to make some fruitful changes in your life. If you have been practicing some of the tips already, let me know in the comments!

The list is at best indicative and not exhaustive – if you find more ideas for staying healthy and happy – please do share them in the comment section for the benefit of all.  


  1. Your article help us realise that our problems can be resolved in simpler ways. Thank you Sir and let these awesome articles keep flowing through you.


    • Jyothi Ma’am….you are always supportive and appreciative of my work. Thank you very much for being such a great family friend. Please convey my feelings to Unni Sir also. Kind regards to both of you…


  2. I am glad, I took out some time and read this blog. The blog is interactive and Informative, both at the same time. While reading the part – R&R, I came across one of the best examples for the phrase ” Respond; Don’t React”. I feel the same way.

    Will again take out some time and read other blogs soon 🙂


  3. Kapil Sir has provided a nice mathematical “formula for life” by beautifully capturing in a nutshell the various aspects to be considered for a holistic approach to life. A nice, concise and informative article that’s a roadmap for living life meaningfully and in a fulfilling way ! Looking forward to more such articles !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is fantastic – simply superb. I am elated and motivated. You have raised the bar of performance for me. Thank you very much Unni. I appreciate your role as a true friend in pushing me to do more and more. Best regards…


  4. Very helpful formula sir, while reading the part – RS I came across the phrase enjoy both man-made and God-made colours! I felt that.


  5. A lovely articulation of how to live our daily lives. Thanks Uncle for enlighting how important is the role of physical and mental health in this arena of life. Simply in love with this Math of life


  6. Sir whatever you have written in this blog seems like almost everything in this formula I practice everyday.It is a very nice as well as motivating blog that gives tips how to live life and these formulas can be seen in you also which gives a very optimistic reaction about you and your personality and also tells about your spirit to motivate youngsters like us.Thank You so much Sir for sharing such a wonderful blog.


  7. This is so important and adequate for not only all youngsters but for every age group who requires a healthy and happy life. What makes it more accepting is that it’s written by you, who not only taught us business but also a life lesson of always staying young at heart.
    Thank you so much for always inspiring me kapil sir. Please keep writing such article as it not just gives us mindful information but also a different way of looking at life.


    • Thank you so much, Het, for your kind words and such a well structured comment. Please keep engaged with the blog and do help me with your valuable thoughts regularly. I wish you a healthy, prosperous, and purposeful life…Best.


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