The Guru-Shishya Relationship

For a teacher, a student sharing his/her learning journey is a source of great joy and fulfilment. It is one of the treasures that I cherish the most. My ex-students have reached out to me with their kind words, and I want to use my blog to shine a light on some of the things they have said about me.

Here is Aniket Joshi, eloquently sharing our times together.

“I met Mr. Kapil Tandon in 2018. As a part of my MBA focused towards Operations Management, Kapil Sir taught me a subject named ‘Operations Strategy’.

It was truly an overwhelming experience to gain the understanding of the issues related to operations as a strategic element in any business organization. The examples stated by Kapil Sir during the course delivery were immensely relevant from current as well as a future perspective. The key takeaway from all his lectures narrowed down to ‘delivering value to a customer’.

Defining ‘Value’ which is a very subjective concept in itself was explained by Kapil Sir in a very subtle and an effective manner. At the end of the course, I realised the importance of interlinkages between various business units in an organization and their operationally effective functioning which can help an organization to become cost efficient, extract hidden profits to create a competitive advantage in any industry/domain.

He has been a friend, philosopher and guide for me as a student. I feel blessed to have gained knowledge from such an experienced professional with a very simple and subtle way of explaining complex concepts to students. I continue to reap benefits by the application of concrete concepts taught by him as a Freelance Continual Process Improvement Consultant.”

Siddharth is my student pursuing his post-graduation at Whistling Woods International. He always handles himself with grace and politeness. I was happy to hear what he had to say:

“Mr. Kapil Tandon or as I call him – Kapil Sir, is a fantastic professor and an extremely learned person. His personal experience in subjects of business and finance has made him a guru of those subjects in his professional life.

His approach towards teaching is awe-inspiring but what’s most important is his curiosity to learn even after being so knowledgeable. His opinion towards failure is one of the most interesting takes that I have heard in my life.

Kapil Sir says that one should celebrate their failures as they celebrate their successes because without failures there is no learning, and hence, there will be no success.

I love his articles and I read his blog regularly. It is insightful as well as motivating. Keep writing and inspiring us, Sir!”


  1. Thank you so much, sir. The ideas and principles taught by you will always be with me no matter where I go. Keep teaching and keep inspiring, sir.


    • Excellent Ma’am! You have aptly put forward the million dollar philosophy on education and teacher taught relations in just one line….as the famous proverb goes….


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