A fervent appeal

Dear Students,

I am so happy to use my blog as a platform to keep in touch with you. I may not be teaching you in a traditional classroom setting, but through my writing, I can reach out to you and continue to convey my thoughts and impart some teaching.

Your responses have also been great! You have been replying to me personally on chat, boosting my posts on social media and even calling me to tell me that you liked my initiative with the website. However, I am writing this letter as a fervent appeal to you:

I see your appreciation, but I want your active participation!

I write very short blogs keeping in mind that our attention spans have reduced a lot. So, to keep you engaged, I am writing stories about my life and motivational posts to lift your spirits! It would take you not more than five minutes to read and comment on this blog. It will not only give the website traffic but also create a community of students and readers.

Make it a regular Sunday practice! Respond to the ideas in the posts, and reflect aloud in the comment section! I want the blog to be of value for you too!

Stay Motivated!

Best wishes,

Kapil Tandon


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