See what readers have to say!

With great joy, I am posting these personal messages that I have received in response to the blog through email, WhatsApp messages or telephone calls. They are some of the people who I admire, and their words of encouragement mean a lot to me!

These are just a few excerpts of the messages they have sent!

“Congratulations Sir…
Ever onward!”

Prof Hemant Purandare
Dy Director Academics
IBS- Mumbai

Laxmi Todiwan
Professor and Corporate Trainer
Founder- Indian Women in Hospitality.

“Congratulations on taking the first step towards a great new beginning! The blog looks excellent and speaks volumes about the efforts that you have put in to nurture this long-awaited avenue/dream of yours! So happy for you Sir!”

“Very nice, Sir! Thanks for sharing! I loved the pictures… Saw the other side of your personality!”

Neha Sajnani
IBS- Mumbai

Chaitanya Chinchlikar
Vice President & Business Head,
Whistling Woods International

“It’s remarkable how you continue to reinvent yourself and inspire both students and all of us. :)”

Meghna Ghai Puri
Whistling Woods International 

“This is not just wonderful but highly inspiring. I read a little right away and I can see myself looking forward to your words of wisdom each week.” 

Chinmay Nakhwa
Ex-student and now a colleague.

“‘Young at heart’ is what would describe Kapil Sir in shortest way. His life experiences which he blends in his teachings are immensely inspiring. Now with his blog his beautiful and encouraging life experiences can be heard by many. He continues his streak of inspiration with his words of wisdom. Being his ex student, i came across quite a few of his experiences that he never shared in my class. This way I am happy to be his student forever. If becoming an entrepreneur is your goal in life then Kapil Sir is the person you need to go to learn some important lessons before you start your journey. Good Luck with the blog Kapil Sir.”

Laili Dutta
Head of Deparatment, School of Media and Communication (SMC)
Whistling Woods International

“Congratulations to Kapil Sir! Lovely blog, Sir!”

Meenakshi CV
Faculty- SMC
Whistling Woods International

“Kapil sir, the blog looks fantastic! So much good work!”

Oindrila Purohit
Faculty- SMC
Whistling Woods International

“Sir read your blog. Excellent way to spread your ever positive feelings. I actually made my daughter read your article on How to connect with the world around.”

Kirti Jaiswal
Keemaya Productions

“I must say it’s a very professional blog and the articles are absolutely wonderful. I am yet to read all the articles however you’ve penned down your experiences for us to know that’s the beauty. You are a superman who is always adapting to new things in your life!”

“I have been reading the articles on your blog after Nidhi shared them with us last week and I especially loved the article ‘A Letter to all my Students’

Really excited for you to have started this journey! I am certain this will prove to be a great medium for you to reach out and bring value to even more people than you already do!

Will be posting comments on your article publicly as well but just wanted to say this to you personally first!”

Radhit Arora
Whistling Woods International

K M Dheer
Classmate and Colleague

“It was very nice to hear from you after a very long time. There are very few of our friends and classmates who are really active at this juncture of life. It is good to know that you are starting your own blog. I will learn from your experience.”

Shobha Mathur
Family Friend

“I read your blog. It’s very nice and informative. Congratulations!”

Pooja Mehrotra
Entrepreneur, Pooja Classes

“Awesome fufaji… Great start!”

Vaishali Upadhyay
Student- Indira Institute of Business Management

“Thank you for your motivation.
This is very much helpful for young adults.
Your blogs encourage us to grow and develop our talent and knowledge.”

Mehak Sareen
Senior Executive- Outreach and Affliations
Whistling Woods International

“This looks wonderful sir. Congratulations and all the best!”

Joyee Mukherjee
Publicist and PG Student

“Thank you for your generous email! I read your blogs, sir. They are very informative!”

“So happy to see your new venture. Extremely well designed page. Love love love! Wish you the very best in this endeavour. I’ll share it with my friends and family as well :)” 

Radhika Gupta
Yoga Guru and Counsellor

Mats Joseph Fernandes
Director & Partner (Operations)
Kaizenxs Consulting Pvt Ltd

“Kapil Sir has been an amazing mentor to me right from the time I took up my MBA course till today! His teaching style and zeal is what lures students to learn more and he even makes the most difficult concepts seem like a piece of cake. He has the uncanny ability to successfully engage students with several real world examples and link them with the theoretical concepts that he teaches. I clearly recollect his Project Management and Operations Strategy lectures today whilst making Organization level decisions for several macro projects. I am deeply grateful to Kapil sir and credit a lot of my career achievements to his enigmatic training skills”

Pratik Patwari

“I have been following your blog regularly and it has given me great insights and has inspired me. Your journey and your ideas have always motivated me to work hard and I look forward to read more amazing articles.”

Pradnya Sawant

“I was looking forward to read your blogs since the time you announced about it and it was worth the wait..
Your blogs are really quick but informative read. They are very interesting as you share your real life experiences through them.
The vocabulary and the writing flow make it very fun and easy to read your blogs
Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful career and life advice with us!! It is so appreciated!!!”

Alvina Malpan

“Kapil Sir is more than just a professor. He is a great mentor and a friend. I have been very privileged and blessed to attend his lectures. Students look forward for his sessions because he has such a unique teaching style. He teaches us by sharing practical anecdotes from his own life. These examples help a lot in our personal and professional journey. I must say that Sir always has a solution to every problem, and he is ever-ready to help.” 

“Congratulations on your blog.
You have always been our strength and you don’t fail to surprise us each day✨
Take care. Keep doing what you do.”

Yukta Shinde
Abhishek Pawar
Manager- ICICI Bank

“I have been reading your blogs for over a month now. Your every single blogs are so full of great insights. I am sure we will get to read your vast 72 years of experience through your interesting blogs in coming days.”

Jyothi Nair
Yoga Teacher

“I enjoy reading your blog regularly because they offer me very practical advice!”

Asar Shaikh
Hospitality Student

“Sir, I have read your blog and it’s very helpful and informative. It has made me understand management
concepts easily.”

Khushi Kapoor

“Hello Nana! I just loved your blog and suggest everyone to invest their time in it. Its worth reading. Your efforts for us are really commendable!”

Munmun Bhatt
Senior Business Development Associate- Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd

“Kapil sir has been a phenomenal professor from my alma mater. However, I saw him as a content creator for the first time. There are certain quintessential features in the blogs that compel you to read them again. I would highly recommend to all the readers to have a look. It’s a different perspective all together!”

“My first interaction with Prof. Kapil Tandon was during my internship submission. I had a great impression of him in the Q&A round we had. We met again during my last semester where he was my faculty for Operations Strategy. He teaches to to make students aware about day to day scenario and then co-relating it with the books rather than teaching theories and then leave students to relate it with reality. I am very fond of his lectures and the way he explains the case studies which in itself shows the ability, vast domain knowledge and insight about industries across verticals. Thank you sir for all your support and lessons.”

Pranshu Pandey
Samruddhi Lakudkar
Nagpur Representative, Bikerni Group

“I’m overwhelmed to see such amazing blogs. It’s truly incredible. I just love the way you write and motivate others.. Your efforts are endless! I wish you good luck for the future. Waiting for more blogs to come up 👍🏼”

Ruchin Mehrotra

“Something I really appreciate about you is your aptitude for problem-solving in a proactive way. Hats off, Sir! I always see a mentor in you!”

Ninad Sakhare
Media Professional

“The information on your blog about business and management is really helping me. It is giving me many new ideas and a lot of inspiration. I keep looking forward to your updates on the blog. Keep posting more and more!”

Ajay Kacker with Anita Kacker
Service Manager (Retired)
Birla Power Solutions Ltd., New Delhi

“It is a great pleasure to go through your blogs. My wife Anita and I go through your blogs regularly. They are so informative and relate to the real-life experiences around us. Your blogs are full of morals. It gives us courage in our daily life. Our best regards to you for all times.”

Shubhi Sharma

“If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old.” I am reminded of Kapil sir when I read this quote by James A. Garfield. I am so privileged to have him as a mentor. He blends his immense knowledge and experience with real-life. How beautifully he can explain every topic that we connect with it automatically! Sir, you have always motivated me to be a leader, just like you. The first time I heard that you started your professional journey from Kota, the city I hail from, I felt so proud. You have taught me to strike a balance in this professional journey. You have a different thought process towards learning, i.e., lessons should reflect on our behaviour! Thank you for everything!

Twinkle Sanghvi
Assistant Manager- TATA Capital

There is not enough I can say about how lucky I am to have got a mentor and an advisor like Kapil Sir. His patience and understanding are unsurpassed. He has set the bar for rigour in learning and has positively influenced me to grow. It was an honour to study strategic management and business ethics under a gem like him. I still remember that day when I called him before my interview at TATA Capital; where his words were ” I know you are an excellent student and they’ll select you”. Unaware of what the future holds for me, one thing was sure that it motivated me to challenge my limits. Sir, you continue to embrace me more and more with your knowledge, creativity and this engaging blog of yours. They say some people brighten up the room with their presence even in distance –you are one of those living examples. You aren’t just helping me learn, you’re making me a better person every day. You have always gone above and beyond the expectations of a ‘great’ professor. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom and compassion as I continue this management journey.

We read your blog regularly on the weekends. Thoroughly enjoyed the way you created all the formulas of life in your latest post. It is so relatable to each one of us, regardless of age and profession. Your advice is practical and inspirational. Your posts help me think and grow socially. Keep writing and sharing your pearls of wisdom! We both wish you the very best, always! 🙏Thank you!

Amrita Prabhudesai (Chef)
with Saplesh Prabhudesai (Engineer)
Vandna Khandelwal
Family Friend

“Dear Kapil, I am a regular reader of your blog. I am happy to see you flourish as a writer too! I thought your post on “Striking a Balance” is an excellent post for new generation and the young people. 👍 The post “Math of Life” had an interesting presentation. and was very well articulated.”

Prof Kapil Kumar
HOD & Chef
Apeejay Institute of Hospitality, Mumbai

“Kapil has been my colleague for many years now. It is always a joy to talk to him. He is loved and cherished by students and faculty alike. I read his posts every weekend, and I am happy to know that his writing journey has taken off to such a great start! Wish him the best always!”

Manvi Chaturvedi
Associate – Investment Banking

It is said that the process of learning is irrespective of academics, and how truly have I witnessed this. I have learnt my best lessons in life from a professor I was never associated with academically.
I was fortunate to be guided under the umbrella of Prof. Kapil Tandon Sir during my internship in 2020.
My experience during the internship was not very favourable and I had to go through some bitter and illegal business hands. But somehow I gained strength to stand against it only because Kapil Sir showed confidence in me. He taught me a life lesson that if you are not wrong, do not fear anything. He taught me when you stand for yourself and for the right, things will fall in place. Since that day he did not abandon me and kept motivating me saying, every bitter experience is a learning opportunity.
Post then the global pandemic started affecting various jobs. But Kapil Sir never abandoned any of his student and continued to teach us how to grab the best out of the given situation. During my first job I missed an opportunity just because of the game of luck. I was disheartened and started doubting my capabilities. I contacted Kapil Sir, with the same enthusiasm he helped me immediately without any delay. The time when many of my academic professors denied to help me, Kapil Sir tried his best to bring things on board and kept me mentally calm.
I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a guide who has given me the lessons which no university books teaches. He has helped me become a better professional and an art of staying focused and calm when things go south. This is just an appreciation blog, where I will like to thank Kapil Sir for being such an amazing guide, motivator and believing in me.

I met Kapil Sir during my job interview at a GTL group company. He was one of the interviewers. After that we were a team. We spent a lot of time on financial modelling and business planning for the company. Working with him was a very stimulating and enriching experience. He naturally became my mentor and I learnt a lot from him… not just about work. We discussed life, healthy living and he even gave me some amazing salad tips! I was lucky to have shared his tiffin everyday because his wife whom I lovingly call Indu Aunty cooks the most amazing and healthy food. The times spent with him have been some of my most memorable ones. At 70 plus, he has this infectious enthusiasm and energy which most youngsters lack!

Vatika Agrawal (ex-colleague, and now a family friend) In this photo, Vatika and Kapil sir are with their families.
Sakshi Chandgothia

Thank you so much for this blog Sir. I read your “Don’t react. Respond” blog and I must say that I got the motivation and inspiration on how to tackle dealers/clients when thrown at such situations. I usually am a person who gets nervous when tested or reacted in such a way. But from now on, I will surely try to respond calmly in such situations. Thank YOU so much again for always being there for us. 🥰 And guiding us in the path of life. We’re extremely blessed to have a friend in a professor. We love you. Thank You so much again. 🙏🏻😁

Rashi Sabbarwal

It was always splendid to hear Kapil sir narrate insightful stories from his personal experiences when I came for his classes. And now that I’m not in college anymore, I read all of his blogs. It’s great how he shares these strategies and tactics with relevant and interesting stories. Certainly an inspiration for the younger generation. They’re Informative articles that can help to turn around the negative aspects of our lives and spur us into taking positive actions .

Hansika Pathak

Sir it was pleasure to be your student and also to be your GG (good girl). Thank you sir for pushing me forward to interact and also I’ve learned a lot from your lectures and from you. I was not an interactive student back in my school days but you pushed me forward to speak and give answers in class that made me confident. We really enjoyed your class and I think we would have enjoyed a lot more if the classes were offline because there we would have met you in person but I wish you come back as our mentor, teacher in next semester. Thank you for being so chilled out teacher that I have ever came across!

Keertana Lakshminarayan

Your classes have been fun and very informative, and your blogs have been a cherry on the top. You have been like a grandfather-professor to us and I will always remember you and your lectures. Thank you so much sir for sharing your valuable time and your life long experiences with us. It really means a lot and will cherish this forever sir. Thank you once again. 


  1. Something I really appreciate about you is your aptitude for problem solving in a proactive way. Hats off Sir. I always see a mentor in you


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