How to connect with the world around you?

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People are important. They constitute the most important resource – the human resource. Organizations, events, and/or projects succeed or fail because of the people involved. So, for an entrepreneur, connecting with the right people becomes crucial!

Then, how can you become a better judge of people? Of course, the obvious values are those of intelligence and sharp judgement. You need people who can anticipate, to see around corners and make sharp decisions. In a partner and employee, it is also ideal to find someone who demonstrates loyalty, integrity, and a high energy drive. You can bank upon someone to get things done and who has a balanced ego.

Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.

Deepak Chopra

Of course, it is easier said than done. Let me share what I have learned about people, and these can be applied in life. Every management lesson, in the end, is also a life value.


Make a list of people you like, and you want to emulate – also the people who create positivity in you, motivate you to do better and bigger things in life. Create an eco-system of such people and personalities and spend time with them – both work time and playtime. There is no point wasting your time in a suffocating environment filled with persons with a negative mental attitude (NMA). This will, for sure, never help you grow into the person you want to be.


Surround yourself with such friends and persons who have a constructive and positive impact on you. Cut those from your circle of influence, who possess a negative mental attitude (NMA) and/or not supportive in furthering your initiatives. Do not keep friends and associates who do not add value to your eco-system or, for that reason act or behave like an autocrat who does not care for the opinions and suggestions of others.


Always present yourself to others as you are. Let others see you – who you are. When you are being original, everyone will accept you at your face value and there are fair chances that others will enjoy your company. At the same time do not worry as to what other persons talk about you. What matters is the presence of supportive people in your life. The naysayers simply do not matter. They do not think they can do so they hate seeing other people succeed. But remember, it is your life.

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Welcome, all kinds of suggestions and feedback from wherever it comes. Be an active listener (as opposed to being a selective listener) – especially when it comes to listening opposite or confronting perspectives and/or criticism or any kind of negative feedback. This is the acid test to know – whether you are on the right track or not. Never be so happy with the status quo that you always, as a rule, resist changes. Embrace changes if the situation so demands. Sometimes the change may introduce you to a better way, a better person, or a better lifestyle.


It may prove useful at times to organize people in non-hierarchical settings to inform, share, discuss and agree on items of importance to the company.  Do not ridicule people, do not insult them either. As a basic rule of life, be friendly with people, and help them as much as you can. This is a great strategy to build rapport and to create an environment of trust and comfort. At your workplace, create an atmosphere where people (both as individuals and in teams) demonstrate the spirit of cooperation and collaboration and keep workplace conflicts at a minimum. People work on the dictum – consent and collaborate rather than following the traditional dictum – command and control. Treat everybody with due courtesy and respect – after all people will remember you for as to how you treated them.

All my family members and close friends call me a people-person. That is entirely true. I love to operate as a senior colleague and friend to all my teammates – attaching the highest importance to employee engagement, job enrichment, and enduring motivation. I strongly believe that you take care of your people and your people will take care of the business.


  1. As a past deciple of yours i feel honoured and moreover greatful to have had countless occassions of learnings from you . I urge you to kindly create more such peices of knowledge that would help each and every aspiring mind.


    • Dear Mithun,
      I thank you very much for your lovely words and good opinion…Rest assured you will get a lot of motivational and engaging material to read in future posts…please keep giving your honest feedback.


    • Ma’am,
      My profound regards to you!
      No one can understand my situation better than you as you have yourself being a great teacher for long. Your loving comments are a wonderful source of motivation and will positively push me towards my slated goals…..Thank you Ma’am, once again.


  2. Thank you so much Sir for starting your blog. Your wisdom and experiences have always been like a treasure box full of knowledge.


  3. I fully endorse the above views. Value of human life and resource can never be underestimated and shall continue to forever be the most vital asset in any unit, team, family or any organisation.


  4. Your articles, just like your classes are full of real life experiences and that’s what makes them so engaging! Really excited to catch up on all your articles.

    This shall be a great medium for us to connect with you and for you to share your wisdom with a lot more people!


  5. I feel so lucky to have had a teacher like you. Thank you for helping me to express my creative side and come out of my shell. You have given me a confidence that is priceless!


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