A Letter To All My Students

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Dear Student,

I see that you are working hard. I know you have been dreaming of a successful future. Your eyes, gleaming with hope and passion, motivate me every day!

Right now, you are studying and striving to build the desired skill-set in you. You may complete your graduation soon, and thereafter may pursue a post-graduation or a business management course or some other short-term or long-term professional program.

You are young and restless! It is clear to me that you cannot wait to embark upon the actual journey of life – pursuing a job or business, making a decent living, and striving for good health, happiness, and satisfaction in life!  Becoming rich and purchasing all the things you have your eyes set on, rising high, accumulating wealth, buying properties, and achieving all the milestones that you have scribbled in your diary or pinned in your inspiration-board…

I wish you all the best! May you achieve all that you deserve!

But let me do you one good more, and tell you how to go about your dream encapsulated above…

  • First and foremost, don’t postpone your dreams! Start working on your dream project right from the last semester of your college.
  • Identify a good business opportunity and give your 100% to it.
  • Then, be prepared to struggle for about a year and a half to develop your business in small modules – relying fully on your equity and not taking any loans.
  • Once you take a good grip on your business – expand using the concept of financial leveraging.
  • Frequently, do a cost-benefit analysis to support/reject your decisions.
  • Use the risk log method to do risk assessment and management. You must have a mentor to back you. It could be a family member with experience of the business world or a professional consultant or a trusted guide.

All this will help you to steer your business and life journey smoothly – and help you reach your eventual goal.

I hope that you take the leap of faith and bet on you dreams! The rest will follow!

Lots of Love,
Kapil Tandon

P.S.:  If this excites you, drop me a mail at kapilsirofficial@gmail.com – and we shall take it forward from there. Please do not forget to mention your mobile number in your email.


  1. I have gone through 3 articles in your blog post and I must say that those were great learning moments. It’s very inspiring to engage with your posts as these provide a lot of insight and motivation tops my boundaries and achieve more in life. Keep rocking!!


  2. Good morning sir.. mentor like you always inspire us to work hard. Great work sir. This will always help us in our life.



  3. Absolutely love the blog!
    The way you’ve simplified every complex lesson to make us learn easily is commendable.
    And all the love and care you showed to us, became our friend first and then teacher makes all of your students love you and admire you so much.
    Thankyou for everything!


  4. Thankyou sir for teaching us through your experiences and giving us practical knowledge. Your blog is great and very enriching.


  5. Sir you teach with so ease & the confidence you have built in us is amazing.Your stories have been so inspirational to us that every obstacle in our life would be sailed easily with your guidance.
    Thank you so much Sir!


    • Shraddha….you are a good person and a good student. You think we’ll and write well. Many thanks for your sweet words…Enjoy reading …please do send your candid comments…


  6. You’re an inspiration to us Sir! We’re blessed to have learnt from you. We can’t wait to apply your teachings in real life. Happy to have a mentor like you, Sir! Thank you!


  7. Thank you sir for your kind words and your heartfelt advices for us, we’re grateful to have your guidance 😇✨


  8. So glad to have you as our mentor and really grateful for your guidance! Hope to learn more from you in the coming years 🙂


  9. Dear Sir,

    Congratulations!! on creating this wonderful blog…

    You inspire us in more ways than you can imagine, apart from being the wonderful teacher that we look up to for all our business acumen, you have helped steer many Entrepreneurs through their journey. I am sure this blog will benefit all those who visit and read through your various articles, life-lessons and beyond.

    Cheers to you churning more articles, sharing your wonderful wisdom & experiences, and hopefully some failures too, so that we as young managers and business owners learn from your past mistakes and do not repeat the same once on our journey.

    I am quite sure we will benefit from all of the above & this blog will add value and knowledge in our specific journey to success.


  10. This is a little note to let you know just how helpful you have been. You’re such an amazing teacher and I hope you know that! Thank you! Lot’s of love sir.. keep inspiring us.. ♥️


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